"I Can Do That"
Ok, hear me out... this series has many layers and definitely needs explanation. The main drive behind this project is the issue of plagiarism. Not a blatant exact copy, but creating a new image using another artists' aesthetic. Technically, are you copying their image? No. But you are stealing their personal vision. A visual identity that took hours, weeks, or maybe years to perfect. They did all the leg work, now it's easy for you to do another version or "variation" of their style, and even worse, make money off of it. What if a client approaches you to do another artists style? Do you say, "I can do that".

Another internal struggle most artists face is the constant comparison to other artists and the work that gets recognition. How many times do we see something and think to ourselves, "I can do that". Well, the difference is they "did it" and that is where the work comes in, being the first to deliver on a concept and bring an image to life.

On the flip side, what about artists that spend countless hours creating a style or signature series and keep echoing that same technique throughout all their work? At what point do we start to copy ourselves? Is it a pursuit to perfection or is it a comfort zone that we can't escape? Do we just keep doing the same type of work because it's "easy" and we can say with confidence, "Of course I can do that"? At what point do we make a conscious decision to NOT do that anymore and move onto another voice for our images? When do we try something we think we "Can't do"?

For this series, I decided to plagiarize artists that have a very recognizable aesthetic. I didn't want to copy any specific piece, but rather duplicate their "style". I gave myself 4 hours or less to execute each image, to drive home the point that it's easier when you have a visual road map rather than starting from scratch. I also wanted to do "one-offs" to accentuate the aspect that I'm not honing a craft but executing an existing concept. I have deep respect for these artists and have even more appreciation for the time and effort put into their work after completing this project. Now that I'm done, it's obvious that I could greatly improve upon these with more practice over time. I just hope this project inspires people to stop and think about the work they create and their place in the creative community.

Maybe next time you think, "I can do that" it might be time to rethink!

"The Alberto Seveso"
"The Emi Haze"
"The Pawel Nolbert"
"The Justin Maller"
"The Chris Labrooy"
"The Adam Spizak"
"The Cristian Girotto"
"The Beeple - Everyday"

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