SONY PSVITAE3 conference banners
When Deutsch L.A. was called on to promote the release of the new Sony PSVITA at the 2011 E3 conference, they turned to two veterans to pull off the impossible; four days of shooting, four days to turn around four billboard sized complex composites. Tim Tadder and Mike Campau teamed up to create the images of the PSVITA in everyday scenarios. Tim braved the streets of L.A. shooting day and night to get all the parts and pieces needed for the final compositions, while Mike combined all the elements and created the game consoles in CGi, with Tim putting his signature styling  on the composed pieces just before the 72nd hour.

Agency: Deutsch L.A.
Client: Sony
Project: PSVITA E3 conference Banners
AD: Gordy Sang
CGi renderings of PSVITA to match environment
Alternate version used on convention center front - image source from

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