The Future of Sports II
Collaboration between Tim Tadder & Mike Campau
Sports Advertising Photographer Tim Tadder, and renowned GGI/digital artist Mike Campau teamed up yet again, this time on a project sponsored by the Aspetar Orthopedic Sports Medicine Center in Doha, Qatar to create an extension of their unique sports series launched in the Summer of 2012.
Using Qatar's ultra modern Aspire Zone, which features the world's largest indoor sports facility as a location, Tim shots some of Qatar's top athletes, while Mike used location images to inspire the CGI backdrops.
Carefully crafting the lighting to match the playing landscapes and props Tim photographed the athletes in full action and Mike then created the environments. Once the elements were all combined with effects and color grading, the team had another winner of a series.
Wireframes of CGI stadiums

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