Welcome to “McFashion”! A virtual fashion shoot, inspired by McDonalds, through the eyes of ai. The juxtaposition of high end fashion and fast food culture is a visual metaphor for our future world with ai in the driver seat. Will ai reduce the job market to fast food prompt order takers? What jobs will be left in the market, especially for the creative industry? Will we have to find new careers or take what jobs are available… “may I take your order”? 

Or maybe, it will create new jobs, new opportunities, and whole new sectors that we haven’t even thought of yet! I guess time will tell, but for now I can’t ignore the power and capabilities of ai, and I have to say… “I’m lovin’ it”.
We can't forget the shoes... from sneakerheads, to crocs, to high heels and everything in-between!
How about a McHat to top it off?!

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