The highly coveted pixel art is now a real life portrait series in this epic collaboration between Tim Tadder and Mike Campau. The unique glitchy characters have become a real life sensation in the digital art world exclusively on OpenSea.

This collaboration showcases the ultimate realness behind the crypto punk phenomenon. We created 111 unique Block Head Punks that will be released 6 at a time. Once all 6 are sold from each batch, the next 6 will be minted until we reach 102 Punks. The final 9 will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Random 6 Block Head owners will also receive a 1/1 large format fine art print signed by both artists!
The creative process for this project started with inspiration from the original Crypto Punks, but with the idea of turning "real" people into a dimensional 64 bit portrait. Below is a visual representation of the process and how it evolved from concept to final execution.

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