Ghost of ZOË
Ghost of ZOË is a continuation of the original ZOË project. These hauntingly beautiful versions are created with a single line doodle, just as it's predecessor was.

This will be an ongoing series, releasing one Ghost at a time and up to the hunter to find the best price, which can go up or down at any time. The benefit of minting directly to the blockchain on your on contract, you can list it anywhere you want.

Follow along on my twitter to get updates when a new Ghost is available!

You can see the entire ZOË series here (including the originals):
single line doodle used to create the Ghost above.
They make great phone wallpapers!
This is the introduction to the original ZOË project:

Bringing life back into my art with a spontaneous single line.

I’ve been a commercial artist for years, which has led me to be very precise and methodical in my approach. I have become known for my “clean” and conceptual imagery, but I wanted to try and shake things up a bit. I made a conscious effort in 2021 to try and be “messy” and abstract with my art, but the results didn’t fit with my vision as an artist or appeal to my visual taste. So, how can I be messy and still keep the same level of execution that I have become known for?

I examined my past creative approach and decided, this is where I can be more spontaneous and less methodical. I grabbed my Wacom, selected the pencil tool in illustrator, and just doodle with a single line without picking up the pen. No concept, no end goal, just a spontaneous line led by my 20+ years of experience. It was hard at first to just let go, but I started doodling, deleting, and starting over… again, and again. It was complete mental torture at first, since this isn't how I work... but after doing this hundreds of times, each new “variation” started to flow and I felt so free.

When I created a line I liked, I introduced that line into my signature 3d “clean” style. The result of the very first test was an immediate emotional reaction. I created something driven purely by my instinct and my emotions and not a planned concept. It was something I haven't done my entire career and it had an incredible impact on how I viewed my own approach along with other artist's work. I can now see that sometimes it's more about the process than it is the final image.

About the collection name: ZOË is greek for "life"... not just the medical definition, but the act of living life. This is what I felt when creating these pieces, art full of life. Plus, the organic nature of the images and the process behind the art made this a perfect title. Each piece has it's own name. I didn't have a concept going into each doodle, but after they were created they took on their own visual identity, basically naming themselves.

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