HOKA: Million Dollar Investment?
As a creative veteran, I have learned over the years that the best work comes from freedom to explore, the ability to break free from the traditional process, and most of all, having some fun. This isn’t something that is precisely laid out in a brief or noodled over with endless rounds of revisions. It's letting go and allowing yourself to play in a visual playground.
This approach could be a new way to work with clients, or better yet, how clients can work with me. NOT “project based” or deadline driven, just letting loose and seeing what I can create visually to elevate the brand/product. Allowing me to do daily creative jams to push the process for new visuals outside of the norm. I could even bring in some of my talented artists circle to do collaborations or utilize new technology, software, AI, etc. This would definitely be a new bold approach, some might say crazy... but it could also be amazing.
What if I dedicated myself to one brand/company for a whole year? 365 days of visual content, and the company would own the rights to all the images with no limits on usage.
What value would you put on this type of project? $500K, $750K… $1million? I mean, come on, how many companies spend 10X more than that for a single Super Bowl spot that is forgotten in a month? This wouldn’t be a one and done effort, it would be a whole year of constant updates and engagement. Plus, we could take advantage of the story line behind this approach, and leverage it into a great PR or social media campaign to follow throughout the year.
To show a sample size of this concept, I chose HOKA as my brand and ran with it (pun completely intended). This is one week of visual exploration using some existing 3d model assets and absolutely no brief or backstory, just letting it flow. I love how HOKA pushes shoe design, uses color, and the overall vibe of the brand... also, being a runner, it was easy to get inspired.
I'm curious if there are any companies who would be open to working like this? Who's game, who wants to fly with me in 2023?!

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