iFLY Indoor Skydiving
So happy with the results of this very complex project! We were tasked with the difficult job of creating images that embodied the excitement and joy of indoor skydiving. If you have every seen images of indoor skydiving it is very difficult to capture the essence, the images never seem to truly show the movement, the boldness of the skills of the flyers, and the rush. Indoor skydiving takes place in an acrylic tube, where air circulates from below a flyer and exits the cylinder at the top, the space itself feels like a set from a sci-fi movie, so the potential to make great content exists. 
Our approach was to not shoot in the actual space but to rather team up with CGI artist Mike Campau to have his team build the space, and we would then drop images of the flyers into CGI renders of the space. 
We shot the flyers in a studio with a suspension flying system where the subjects could move three dimensionally through the space, flipping and turning and mimicking the actual moves in the tube. We wanted the images to have a sense of movement, so we shot them with 1 second exposures, so the light trails could display their movement through space. All the trails and blurs were shot in camera, and then those images were dropped into Mike’s CGI backgrounds. Enjoy the stills and let us know what you think of this incredible visual feast. 
CGI tunnel wireframe - WIP

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